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What’s Up With the Dress Code?

Eric Coestad '21 and Amy La '20 June 12, 2019
In this video, Eric Coestad '21 & Amy La '20 investigate possible changes to the SHC Dress Code for the 2019-2020 school year.
Almost Maine

SHCP VPA Events This Semester

Kali Hoang '20 November 13, 2018

SHCP offers a multitude of different extracurriculars that students can choose from. It gives students opportunities to bring creations to life. Many of these creations are VPA performances and there are...

The Emerald Open House

The Emerald Open House

Elsa Rafter, Managing Editor October 25, 2018

The Emerald Open House                                      

The juniors bust through their banner and begin their walk

Walkathon 2018

Kali Hoang '20 and Saoirse McMahon '20 October 17, 2018

The Walkathon is an annual fundraising event led by SHC students and Faculty. This year’s Walkathon was focused on the unique theme of San Francisco Neighborhoods. In anticipation of this event, students...

The Bruce Mahoney!

The Bruce Mahoney!

Eric Coestad '21 October 2, 2018

At the beginning of each school year, a sense of optimism over yet another year of the Bruce-Mahoney football game floods the SHC campus. The Bruce-Mahoney series consists of three games, starting with...

Patrick Pan

The Path to Greatness

You probably have heard of Olympic legends such as Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt. For most athletes, qualifying for the Olympics and winning a gold medal is the ultimate dream. But the road to achieving...

Photo by Liam Carey, i2 Program Director

A Plethora of Passions: SHC’s Inquiry and Innovation Showcase

Sam Fisher '17, Copy Editor April 24, 2017

The second floor was booming this past Saturday, as students from the Inquiry and Innovation (i2) Program gathered for their third annual showcase. Over the course of the past school year, each member...

Devin Nelson (top right) as lead guitarist in his band The Y Axes

An Interview with Devin Nelson, a True Superstar with an Electric Guitar

Patrick Pan '18, Staff Writer March 9, 2017

Near the end of summer, I excitedly checked my PowerSchool portal to see who my teachers for the next semester would be. I opened the web page to find out that someone by the name Devin Nelson would be...

TEDxYouth@SHC: Share Your Idea, Change the Conversation, Shape the World

[email protected]: Share Your Idea, Change the Conversation, Shape the World

Sam Fisher '17, Copy Editor December 13, 2016

Share your idea. Change the conversation. Shape the world. [email protected] provides individuals the inimitable means by which to accomplish all of this. In its third year, [email protected] is an independently...

SHC on the Dakota Access Pipeline

Michael Curran-Levett '18, Guest Writer December 12, 2016

How much does SHC know about the Dakota Access Pipeline? Here's Michael Curran-Levett's take on the issue.

Getting to Know Andy Chan, Running Coach Extraordinaire

Getting to Know Andy Chan, Running Coach Extraordinaire

Lizze Han '18 and Lucas Beard '18 November 20, 2016

Cross Country isn’t always known for being a popular sport here at SHC, but in his 19th year coaching at our school coach Andy Chan takes great pride in the team and has begun to make a name for himself...

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