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Demonstrators gather in San Francisco  to protest the recent uptick in anti-Asian-American violence in the United States.

Becoming An Ally to the Asian American Community

William Holland '23 May 12, 2021

Over the last several months, there has been a dramatic increase in violence against the Asian American community across the United States. In recent weeks, there have been several incidents of assaults...

Picture of an Oscars Award taken in 2014, courtesy of Jose Manuel Macintosh and licensed under Creative Commons.

Oscars 2021: Breakthroughs in Diversity and an All-Time Low Attendance

Katharine Biggar ‘23 May 11, 2021

If you missed the 2021 Oscars ceremony this past Sunday, you’re not alone. Marking a record low, Award ratings dropped by almost 60 percent as the performance’s viewership decreased by nearly 10 million...

Margot Hart watches the reading of the verdict as she joins Mr. Standley’s 8th Block AP Computer Science class.

SHC Reacts: Trial of Derek Chauvin

Margot Hart, '22 April 23, 2021

Almost a year ago, protests erupted nationwide over the killing of George Floyd by police officer Derek Chauvin. The viral footage, shot by a 17 year old bystander, showed the Minneapolis police officer...

While Asian-Americans have always faced discrimination, hate crimes against the community have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Rise in Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans

Atessa Anoshiravani '23, Current Events Editor March 31, 2021

As the pandemic drags on but people are becoming more comfortable leaving their homes armored with masks and other PPE, blatant acts of xenophobia are on the rise. Especially in the Bay Area and other...

Joseph R. Biden, Jr. was inaugurated as Americas 46th President on January 20th, 2021.

What are America’s Most Important Issues Right Now? An SHC Poll

William Holland '23 March 9, 2021

As the country adjusts to a post-Trump era, SHC students were asked their opinions on which of the following six issues were the most urgent and necessary for the Biden administration to address: the economy/stimulus,...

Kylie Hansen at Saif Haddads family owned and family-operated pizzeria, Pizza Due on 489 Church St., San Francisco.

Supporting Small Businesses

Kylie Hansen '23 March 7, 2021

In the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, restrictions were set by the CDC and the state and county health departments closed restaurants and independent businesses to minimize infection rates....

A mural depicting Amanda Gorman was erected at the Laguna & Page St intersection in San Francisco.

Amanda Gorman: Hopes for the New Presidential Administration

Atessa Anoshiravani '23 February 18, 2021

“When day comes, we ask ourselves, where can we find light in this never ending shade?” Amanda Gorman began on the 20th of January, 2021, in front of the eyes of America and much of the world. From...

Ms. Bernard’s Block 4 French 5,6 Honors class watches the inauguration on Zoom. Many students discussed the inauguration with their teachers.

SHC Reacts: 2021 Inauguration

Margot Hart '22, Assistant Editor-in-Chief January 25, 2021

At 9 am PST on January 20th, 2021, just as SHC students were logging onto their morning Zoom classes, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were inaugurated. The transfer of power signifies...

In anticipation of the 2020 General Election, San Francisco unveiled a new early voting center at City Hall.

Working as a Poll Worker in San Francisco

JP Colwick '22 November 23, 2020

On November 3rd, 2020, citizens across the country got up, got out, and voted. In order to facilitate the highest voter turnout in over 100 years, a large amount of poll workers were necessary. This was...

SHC’s Mock 2020 Presidential Election

SHC’s Mock 2020 Presidential Election

Margot Hart '22, Assistant Editor-in-Chief November 1, 2020

In anticipation of the 2020 Presidential Election, the Emerald asked SHC students their opinions on the candidates, issues, and more. With almost 300 responses divided proportionately among the different...

After 27 years on the United States Supreme Court, Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away on September 18th, 2020.

The Life and Legacy of the Notorious RBG

Atessa Anoshiravani '23, Current Events Editor October 15, 2020

For hundreds of thousands across the United States, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg represented equity at its highest, feminism at its truest, and humanity at its strongest. Born in Brooklyn in 1933, she lost...

A fly gets comfortable on Vice President Michael R. Pence’s hair.

Student Thoughts on the 2020 Vice Presidential Debate

In sharp contrast to the Presidential Debate last week, the Vice Presidential Debate this Wednesday was, as many reports referred to it, “more civil.” Vice President Michael R. Pence and Senator Kamala...

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