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Sacred Heart Cathedral's student-run newspaper. We've got issues.

The Emerald

Sacred Heart Cathedral's student-run newspaper. We've got issues.

The Emerald

The wrestling team assembles after their close 36-34 victory over Riordan on January 26th. This victory marked SHC Wrestling’s first victory over Riordan in 10 years. Photo Credit: SHC Wrestling Instagram

SHC’s Wrestling Program: Triumphant Return and Next Steps

William Holland '23, SHC News Editor February 14, 2022

Like many sports, SHC’s wrestling program was forced to shut down in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even after San Francisco’s stay-at-home mandate was lifted, the full-contact nature of the sport...

The Warriors wrapped up another win and moved to 8-1 on the season.

SHC Takes on Chase Center

Turin Sheykhzadeh '22 and Patrick Dineen '23 November 16, 2021

Last Friday, SHC students were treated to a classic Warriors performance against the New Orleans Pelicans. The Dubs won by over 40 for a final score of 126-85, while guards Jordan Poole and Stephen Curry...

Girls Volleyball plays a match during their fall 2021 season.

Transitioning into Sports Post-Quarantine

Priscilla Diaz '23 October 28, 2021

In March of 2020, Sacred Heart Cathedral closed down all in-person learning and activities due to COVID-19, halting its fall and spring sports. Many outdoor sports were able to resume in some capacity...

SHC fans cheer on the Irish from the stands!

Highlights from the Football Bruce Mahoney

Roisin Gaffney '23 October 14, 2021

Here are some highlights from the annual Bruce Mahoney rivalry between Sacred Heart Cathedral and Saint Ignatius on Friday, October 8th.

The Giants secure their spot in the playoffs on September 29 against the Diamondbacks.

How ‘Bout Them Giants?

Theo Mai '23 and James Zaczek '23 October 11, 2021

On September 13, 2021, the San Francisco Giants took the victory against the San Diego Padres (9-1), earning themselves a guaranteed spot in the playoffs. This year, the San Francisco Giants have had a...

The principals and presidents of Sacred Heart Cathedral and Saint Ignatius meet to announce the addition of girls’ sports to the Bruce Mahoney.

The Addition of Girls’ Sports to the Bruce Mahoney Trophy

Margot Hart '22, Editor-in-Chief September 29, 2021

Throughout its century-long history, the Bruce Mahoney trophy has included only boys’ football, basketball, and baseball, omitting girls’ sports. Even when Sacred Heart merged with Cathedral and the...

The 2021 Bruce-Mahoney football game took place on April 9th.

A Game Like Never Before: 2021 Bruce-Mahoney Football

Eric Coestad '21 and Theo Mai '23 April 14, 2021

Earlier this year, we published an article proclaiming that there was the “slightest chance” of the Bruce-Mahoney series occurring this year given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With SHC students finally...

Given that they play in a division with Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray, and Matthew Stafford, the 49ers are looking to upgrade at the quarterback position this offseason.

The 49ers Quarterback Situation

Liam Goodfellow '24 and Patrick Dineen '23 March 15, 2021

Even as this year’s Super Bowl approached, many analysts and pundits were focusing a lot of their attention on the NFL trade market. Two very experienced and proven quarterbacks, Matthew Stafford and...

The Boys Lacrosse team runs through socially-distanced agility drills during pre-season exercises.

The Return to School Sports: Updates and Future Plans

Katharine Biggar ‘23 February 27, 2021

Along with the shift to hybrid learning, SHC recently began reinstating a sense of normalcy to the school’s athletic season. After the city’s suspension of all athletic workouts in early December of...

Coming off a season in which they endured many injuries, the Warriors looked to bounce back this year. Theyve shown promise thus far, but nothing is guaranteed.

Consistently Inconsistent: The Warriors’ Season So Far

Turin Sheykhzadeh '22 February 9, 2021

Coming off a 15-50 season that saw the Warriors finish with the worst record in the NBA, Golden State fans had their morale sink at the news that star shooting guard Klay Thompson would be out for the...

The 2020 SHC Girls Varsity Golf team receives their end-of-season awards. It is uncertain if this years team will have the same opportunity.

How COVID-19 is Affecting SHC Girls Golf

Tiffany Chen '23 January 18, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented time in modern history. Never has the world been forced to pause for such a long duration. Especially affected are events that require the congregation of...

After a disappointing season last year, the Golden State Warriors hope to have a bounce back season led my a revamped roster.

The Warriors’ Moves in the 2020 NBA Draft and Free Agency

Liam Goodfellow '24 December 17, 2020

After a season that was, to put it lightly, disappointing, the Golden State Warriors received the second overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. This year’s draft was full of uncertainty. Due to the ongoing...

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