The Emerald


What is The Emerald/Emerald Club?

The Emerald newspaper continues a proud tradition begun in 1922 as SHC’s source of news, sports, opinion and campus life. The SHC Emerald Club, in association with the other media clubs such as Sports Media and the Shamrock, creates a monthly newspaper about the events at SHC, in the city, and in the nation. Reporters cover school events, athletic results, and local issues. Editorials comment on local and national debates. The paper provides a forum for focused, unbiased reporting as well as sound, logical arguments concerning the issues of students’ lives. Students who work on The Emerald will demonstrate solid commitment to creating an excellent publication.

The Emerald is student run. When we say “student-run” we mean that the newspaper is staffed completely by SHC students with the guidance of club moderators Ms. Julie Phelan and Ms. Lucie Duffort. The students write articles, take pictures, conduct interviews, manage this website, and lay out the print editions using Adobe InDesign.


Meetings take place in Room 508, usually during white day collaboration periods (1:30 pm). Members should listen to announcements for exact dates and times.

Transcript Requirement
To get credit for being in the Emerald Club, a student must:

  • Sign in and attend 6 meetings
  • Each piece of content one creates may be substituted for attending a meeting. For example, if one attends four meetings and creates two pieces of content, they are considered a member of the club.

How can The Emerald be contacted?

Check our Schoology page for submission guidelines — the access code is 6RP92-K3S4B.

Club moderator (Julie Phelan) contact info:

phone: 415.775.6626 ext 824

email: [email protected]

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