New Teacher Interview: Mr. Stanley Cordero


Skylar Kebbe ‘24

Mr. Cordero at an SHC Junior Council meeting.

Mr. Cordero is part of Campus Ministry here at SHC, now hosting most of the student retreats. Every year, people can sign up to go on these overnight retreats, which include group-bonding activities aimed to develop new student friendships, connections, and spirituality. Although he is a new faculty member for this school year, this isn’t Mr. Cordero’s first time helping high school Campus Ministry programs.

Skyler: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and where you were educated?

Mr. Cordero: I am a native San Franciscan. I was born in the city, but we moved around a lot, so I’ve lived in San Diego, Miami, and Washington DC before coming back to California in 1979. I’ve been up in the Sonoma County area since that time. I’ve got my wife, Janie, and my two kids are grown. And her two kids are grown, so it is just the two of us at home. I finished high school at Cardinal Newman High in Santa Rosa. I got an undergraduate degree at San Francisco State University, a masters degree in theology at the University of San Francisco, and I am currently a doctoral candidate at Creighton University. 

Skylar: What made you come to SHC?

Mr. Cordero:  Coming to SHC was an answer to a prayer that started eight years ago, in which I asked to do Campus Ministry at a high school. But, I wasn’t sure which high school I should be at, so I started off at a couple of other high schools. I don’t regret any of my past stops because I met incredible people and was very satisfied with my experience. However, when I sat through SHC’s interview with the members of the interview committee, I really noticed their sense of community, real interest in young people spiritually and religiously, and desire for our students to have real joy. After my first interview, I told myself that if I get an opportunity to, I’m definitely coming here. And it all just kind of worked out! I’ve just been very thankful for the opportunity to be here. It feels like a calling for me to be here because although I make a commute here every day and that is a sacrifice of time, it is one I am willing to make in order to be someplace where I feel like I can be my best, do my best, and feel happy with what I do. So those are all the reasons I came to SHC.

Skylar: That’s amazing! What are you most excited for this year?

Mr. Cordero: Just getting to know the students. As an introvert, I prefer to get to know students one on one or in small groups rather than being out in front and having to talk to a whole bunch. I mean I’ll do that because that’s part of my responsibility, but nothing beats just having conversation with students in small groups. I prefer the intimate setting, where there is a little bit more space, where we can talk about some meaningful things. I think that trying to accomplish something together for the benefit of others really strengthens a connection, and those are the things I really enjoy about the community here.

Mr. Cordero is thankful for the opportunity to get to know the SHC community on a deeper level and create a space where students of all faiths can feel safe. Let’s welcome him to campus this year!