SHC’s New Year’s Resolution


Image from Creative Commons

It’s that time of year again…

As the holiday season comes to a close, with candy canes, cinnamon-scented candles, and snow-filled adventures going out the door, in comes the New Year, the breeze of enigma and motivation to reinvent yourself is promising to all.

Most people see January as the month of reinvention and growth, characterized by resolutions for self-improvement. As soon as the clock hits twelve, the ball drops and the party favors are blown, it is time to say hello to the New Year’s resolutions that await us. Whether you write them down on paper, tell your family and friends, or simply keep a mental note, most of us can agree that the phrase “new year, new me” is only a precursor of the self-discovery, reflection, and growth we hope for in the year ahead. Suddenly, we go from large dinner feasts with endless desserts, sleeping twelve hours a night, and no homework to an adrenaline-fueled motivation rush driving us to implement new workout schedules, get better sleep (or at least attempt to), get better grades, go a few weeks without soda or fast food, … the list goes on.

The Emerald decided to ask some SHC students about their resolutions for 2023. Here is what they had to say:

My New Year’s Resolution is to…

Alejandra Taylor ‘25: “make more time outside of school to pursue my hobbies.”

 Floyd Nostratis ‘24: “work out and go to at least 7 concerts this year.”

Vincent Robinson ‘26: “study more languages.”

Bea Shapiro ‘25: “get good grades I guess, make new/more friends, be happy.”

Kat Leong ‘24: “ improve on the bass, drink more water, listen to more music.”

Anonymous:  “be on my phone less.”

Kai Tengco ‘23: “read 30 books.”

Anonymous: “ get to know my grandparents better and spend more time with them.”

Anonymous: “get fit and start lifting.”

Sara Hwang ‘26: prioritize my mental well-being and find a healthy balance between my workload and what I feel is manageable.”

As we start school again this January, the Emerald hopes all SHC students successfully fulfill their New Year’s Resolutions through a positive mindset, environment, and attitude! Happy New Year, SHC, and welcome 2023!