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The Emerald

2020-2021 Staff

Eric Coestad ’21


This school year, Eric is proud to have the opportunity to advance The Emerald's storied history as Editor-in-Chief. He is in charge of our direction, managing members of the Leadership Team, and has the final say on all publ...

Margot Hart ’22

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

This year, Margot is serving as Assistant Editor-in-Chief. Along with being a member of The Emerald, she plays tennis, sings in SHC's concert choir, and is a member of the Student Launch Initiative. In her free time, Margot l...

Safia Jaleel ’21

Managing Editor

Safia enjoys fantasy novels, scuba diving, and all types of movies. Along with her participation in The Emerald, she serves as the President of the nonprofit Ahead of the Game and student representative for the Student Launc...

Ava Brasch ’21

Head of Publicity & Social Media

This is Ava's third year on the Emerald. This year, she is the Head of Publicity and Social Media. She also plays soccer for SHC and the SF Elite Academy.

Misao Didion ’22

Head of Layout & Design

This year, Misao is serving as the Head of Layout and Design for The Emerald. Along with being in The Emerald, Misao is a competitive swimmer on SHC's swim team and is part of CSF. In her free time, she enjoys painting and play...

Margot Mitchell ’21

Head Copy Editor

Along with serving as a copy editor for The Emerald, Margot plays on the varsity lacrosse team here at SHC and is a member of the Student Launch Initiative. Her mission is to increase student awareness about what's going on at SH...

Atessa Anoshiravani ’23

Current Events Editor

For the 2020-2021 school year, Atessa is serving as the Current Events Editor, making sure to keep up to date with any relevant issues and how they impact the SHC community. She’s an avid bookworm and loves to learn, draw, write,...

Mimi Dineen ’22

Arts & Culture Editor

This is Mimi's second year participating in the Emerald as a VPA Editor. Other than The Emerald, Mimi is part of SHC choir, tennis, and [email protected] In her spare time, she enjoys listening to and playing music, going on hikes...

Philip Zinnkann ’21

SHC News Editor

Philip is the SHC News Editor for The Emerald. He plans to strengthen the website by adding new informative and relevant information. While he is not working with The Emerald he enjoys traveling and being with his friends....

Jake Corvera ’21

SHC News Editor

In his senior year, Jake will be serving as the SHC News Editor. Along with Phillip, he publishes all breaking school news and establishes strong connections between The Emerald and the greater SHC community. In addition to wo...

Stella Mullin ’22

Opinion Editor

Stella Mullin started writing for The Emerald during her sophomore year, and is very excited to continue on to being an editor. Along with The Emerald, she is a member of the SHC Track and Field team. In her free time, Stella...

Kaya Richards ’22

Sports Editor

Kaya returns to The Emerald this year as Sports Editor. When he isn't looking at articles, he can be seen running for the SHC Cross Country Team, rock climbing, and tutoring at nearby schools. Meeting with friends, cleaning up the...

Nicole Mabborang ‘23

Copy Editor

This school year, Nicole Mabborang is excited to serve as a Copy Editor for The Emerald, ensuring that articles are free of all grammatical errors. Along with her involvement in The Emerald, she is also a member of the Student Co...

Isabel Enriquez ’22

Copy Editor

This year, Isabel will serve The Emerald as a Copy Editor. She loves to read and write. Isabel is also part of the CSF volunteer program. Outside of the SHC community, she enjoys singing and listening to music.

Anna Vargas ’22

Publicity Designer

This is Anna's first year with The Emerald as a Publicity Designer. Aside from writing, Anna loves to watch movies and go on hikes. She's also a Publicity Officer on Student Council, and as a member of the i2 Program, Anna coa...

Sofia Fighera ’21

Instagram Editor

This year, Sofia serving as an Instagram Editor. Outside of The Emerald, she is on the SHC soccer team. She also plays the piano, is in the Student Launch Initiative and is in the SHC choir.

Brooke Vo ’22

Layout & Design Editor

This year, Brooke Vo serves as the Layout & Design Editor for the first time. Aside from The Emerald, she is an active member of the Speech & Debate club. Brooke is passionate about her community and volunteers with the...

Bridget Panina ’24


Bridget Panina is a freshman at SHCP. She is very excited to be a part of the Irish Community. She is especially excited to be a writer for The Emerald. In her free time, Bridget likes to play softball, watch her favorite TV show,...

Theo Mai ’23


Theo is a sophomore and first year writer for The Emerald. In addition to bringing his skills to our team, he played freshman football and is a member of many clubs at SHC.

William Holland ’23


William is joining The Emerald this year as a writer. He enjoys swimming and gaming with his friends. He is a keen reader, and particularly likes comic books such as Batman: Knightfall. In addition to The Emerald, he is part of the...

Tiffany Chen ’23


Lorenzo Bolls ’22

Video Journalist

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