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Did you know the Emerald was founded in 1922? That’s 90 years’ worth of shoes for us to fill. Not gonna lie; that’s just a little bit intimidating. Even so, we’ve set pretty lofty goals for the newspaper this year, but we’re confident that we can achieve them and go beyond. Just like the leaders of the Emerald before us, we want to leave behind a strong foundation for future students to build on.

In the popular “Tiny Tower” game, the player is tasked with managing the activities of the residents of a skyscraper. Once the player accumulates enough money, he builds a new floor to his ever-growing building. In many ways, this simple game reflects the progressive nature of the Emerald.

This year, we are finally announcing the official launch of the online website. We hope to work closer with the Shamrock and the Oracle, as well as the rest of the SHC community. Especially exciting to us (and we hope the rest of you!) is the return of the Emerald in print and The Lucky Charm!

With this new year comes a great variety of exciting events and topics. From the big things, like the elections and America’s Cup, to more local news, like defending the Bruce-Mahoney trophy and celebrating SHC’s 25th anniversary, we hope to bring you the best and most amazing coverage ever. Really.
We mentioned earlier that we have high expectations for ourselves, but the success of the Emerald depends on the student body as well. This is, after all, a student-run publication. So in pursuit of our goals, we ask for your continued support and contribution to the Emerald. Here’s to a great year!

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