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The “Roblox Thoughts” Crew Plays and Reviews Popular Roblox Games

Roblox Thoughts members getting ready to play Murder Mystery 2 (All images by Julia Fraizer ’25)

Disclaimer: The games covered here have topics that might be distressing to some individuals.

Roblox is an enormous platform with a diverse range of games to choose from! We understand it can be overwhelming and difficult to find a fun game, so the “Roblox Thoughts,” featuring Sophia Nakakura ’25 (purplmurplsuprturtl), Julia Frazier ’25 (paulblartmallcop2000), Maria Herrmann ’25 (god_maria1600), West Lenart ’25 (abidingwesty613), and Luca Calgaro ’25 (PillPopperzKaren), were tasked to rate each game out of 5, and share their thoughts on different popular Roblox games to figure out which one stands superior. The five games featured in this article are Murder Mystery 2Shark BiteFashion FamousEpic Minigames, and Arsenal.

Why Should You Listen to Us?

The members of Roblox Thoughts are a group of skilled and experienced video game players, especially when it comes to the platform and games on Roblox. The core five members of Roblox Thoughts have been carefully selected thanks not only to their experience with video games but also for their insightful thoughts and charming personality, hence the name “Roblox Thoughts.” 

Game 1: Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2, the reboot of the original game Murder Mystery, is considered a Roblox classic. With approximately 6 million likes, 17 million favorites, and 12.5 billion visits and counting, Murder Mystery 2 has become one of the most popular games on Roblox.

In this fan-favorite game, one person plays the murderer and another plays the sheriff, the rest of the people are innocents. The innocents must run from the murderer to stay alive. If the sheriff shoots the murderer, the sheriff and the innocents win. If the murderer kills everyone, the murderer wins. Finally, if the murderer kills the sheriff, the gun is dropped, and an innocent can pick up the gun to eliminate the murderer.

Here is what we had to say about this game:

Julia and Sophia in the Murder Mystery lobby

       Sophia rated it a 4/5.

                                               “I think the game is really fun to play with friends.”

                                            Julia rated it a 4/5.

It was fun. I would give it a 5 but I have to give it a 4 because I got banned.”

West rated it a 5/5.

“I think the game is kind of boring, but I love the adrenaline.”

Lucas rated it a 5/5.

“This game is really fun, but at some points, [it] is repetitive.”

Maria rated it a 4/5.

“I think it’s fun, and I like the thrill.”

Overall, this game earned an average of 4.4/5.


Game 2: Fashion Famous

Fashion Famous is another relatively popular game on Roblox. Created by the Roblox user PixelatedCandy in December 2016, Fashion Famous has amounted to over 2.1 billion visits and over 531k likes. In this family-friendly game, 10 people compete in a fashion show where they are given a theme and then granted 3 minutes to run around the dress-up area to pick clothes according to the theme. Once the 3 minutes run out, each person gets to walk down the runway and show off their outfits, while the rest of the players rate their outfits out of 5 stars. After everyone gets their turn to shine on the runway, all the scores get revealed, with the top 3 highest scorers winning a place on the podium!

When we played, we were given the theme: “Enchanted Forest.” Here is what everyone came up with alongside the scores they gave Fashion Famous:

Luca’s Outfit

 Luca rated it a 2/5.

                                     “Overall [I] wasn’t super impressed [because] there was  a lack of clothing that did not make me excited to play  the game.”

Julia Rated it a 1/5.

                                           “I don’t like the game because in another round I copied Luca’s outfit and got last while Luca got 4th…”

Maria rated it a 2/5.

“It was so boring, and I felt like the game didn’t cater to my interests. I also couldn’t afford the good clothes.”


Julia’s outfit
Maria’s outfit











Sophia rated it a 5/5.

“I liked the game, but I was very stressed because I felt like I didn’t have enough time to choose a good outfit.”

West’s outfit

West rated it a 3/5.

“I thought it was a great outlet to express my creativity, but I didn’t like how you had to pay for the good dresses.”







West takes 1st place!

“I feel honored to have won. I would say this is one of my proudest achievements in my life.” -West Lenart ‘25

Overall, we gave Fashion Famous an average score of 2.6/5.


Game 3: Epic Minigames

Developed by TypicalType, Epic Minigames is one of the most widely liked games by Robloxians worldwide. Currently, Epic Minigames has amassed over 1 million likes and over 2 billion visits. This game has a wide variety of minigames in it, each game lasting about two to three minutes before switching to the next game. Furthermore, when winning games or completing daily tasks you are awarded tokens to use in the shop to buy gadgets, nicknames, and more. This game’s addicting nature ropes you in, making it hard to stop playing!

The Roblox Thoughts in the Epic Minigames Lobby


Here is what we had to say about the game:

Sophia rated it a 2/5.

“I didn’t like how I kept losing in all the games.”

Julia rated it a 5/5.

“I think it’s fun. It’s like TikTok; you never know what you’re gonna get next.”

West rated it a 2/5.

“The rules are very confusing… they        don’t explain [them] and then you lose.”



West and Julia in Epic Minigames

Luca rated it a 1/5.                                      

“Although minigames have a variety of selections, I didn’t like any of the games we played.”

Maria rated it a 3/5.

“I like the variety, but I still [was not good] at the game.”

We gave this game an overall average rating of 2.6/5.










Game 4: Shark Bite 2

Shark Bite is an adrenaline-inducing game developed by Abracadabra that encourages players to work as a team to defeat a shark wreaking havoc on the waters. Currently, Shark Bite 2 has gained over 225,000 likes and over 461,000 favorites. In this exciting game, one player is randomly selected as the shark, and their goal is to destroy and eliminate all the players in the match. The other players have the option to ride solo in their boat or work together as a team on one boat to use various tools to eliminate the shark. This game will certainly get a group of people closer together while making fun memories at the same time.

The Roblox Thoughts in the Shark Bite Lobby

Here is what we had to say about the game:

Sophia rated it a 3/5.

“It was ok.”

Julia rated it a 2/5.

“It was fun but the rounds took too long.”

West rated it a 1/5.
“It was the most boring game, especially if
you aren’t driving a boat or being the shark.”

Luca rated it a 3/5.

“I didn’t like the game because it was boring and there wasn’t much going on.”

Maria rated it a 1/5.

“It was fun at first but after the first round              

it got repetitive and boring.”                                      

Julia in the Sharkbite 2 Lobby




Overall this game got an average score of 2/5. 











Game 5: Arsenal

Arsenal is arguably one of the best fighting games on the Roblox platform. Gaining over 4 million likes and 5 billion visits, it has won over the hearts of Robloxians worldwide. In Arsenal, players are given weapons to eliminate opponents on the other team, and the top 3 players with the most eliminations in the round win! This game is a perfect way to destress after a long day and a perfect game to play with your friends.

Here is what we had to say about it:

Sophia rated it a 1/5.

“I hate this game because it is not fun and I kept getting ended.”

Julia rated it a 3/5.

“I am a god at it and it was super easy.”

West rated it a 4/5.
“It was really fun but this one player got on shooting me in the back.”

Luca rated it a 4/5.
“It was fun but there was a hacker that made it unfair.”

Maria rated it a 5/5.
“It was really fun. I got so excited when my team was doing good!”

Overall this game scored an average of 3.4/5.

        In the end, with an average overall score of 4.4 / 5, Roblox Thoughts found that Murder Mystery 2 was the best game out of the five games we played, however, all of the games were equally deserving of recognition. Don’t forget to like and subscribe and stay tuned for another Roblox Thoughts banger!

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