The Emerald Open House

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The Emerald Open House

This year’s open house was a huge success! The Emerald team set up a fun game for visitors to play inside the club’s room, complete with prize bags. Check it out!

The game started at the door with a survey. Visitors chose between VPA and Sports or got to select both. What would you have chosen?



People moved on to the next stop where they wrote down what school they were from. Take a look below and see if anyone came from your school.





Finally, we asked participants to write us a mini article. This could have been anything they wanted; a fun fact, a hobby of theirs, a cool story, or something else they came up with. The ones below are our favorites, which one is yours?













At the finish line, visitors received one of Kali Hoang’s goody-bags cleverly made out of newspaper and containing candy an a “the Emerald” bookmark.