Ugh… Freshmen



On my third day of senior year I was asked, by a sophomore, if I was a freshman. The look on his face when I told him I was actually a senior was pretty amusing. It was a mix of embarrassment and regret, but I told him not to worry about it, I understand that I have the face of a thirteen year old. Considering I walked into the wrong classroom twice on my first day of senior year, I practically was a freshman again. I remember walking into school on the first day of freshman year and being amazed at how old the seniors looked. Three years later and I don’t look a day older, but to be honest most of the seniors this year don’t.


Every year when we go back to school we go through a “transition” period. Where you can’t believe the sophomores, who use to be freshman, are on the La Salle campus, and you can’t stop calling the juniors “sophomores.” And even though seniors may look the same age as the freshman, they still seem like little babies to us. C’mon, they were born in the 2000’s, that’s pretty crazy (said the person born only two years before in 1998).


I think the very moment senior year starts, all seniors immediately forget that they were once freshman. The freshman are typically disliked every year just for the fact that they are freshmen, (don’t take it personally, you will also look down on the new freshmen in one year from now).  Sophomores are an interesting bunch, just in general, but they aren’t that much better than freshmen. As I have heard a certain teacher say in the past, “sophomores are the worst because they think they know everything.” When you’re a sophomore you’re just happy that there are new freshmen and you aren’t the newbies anymore. Junior year is most definitely a filler year. It’s known to be the hardest year in high school, and in my personal experience, it was. When you’re a junior you’re an upperclassmen, but still under the seniors. You are the lower level of the upper class. Being a junior is nice and all but it’s like being the age 17, it’s just a filler year to the age 18, or in this case, a filler year to senior year. Quite honestly, juniors are just busy trying to get through the 11th grade.


A message to the freshman from the seniors, we understand that it’s annoying that we act like we own this place and run the school, but after three years of being at SHC you will all eventually understand. It’s the concept of  “doing your time.” Not trying to compare SH to a jail or anything, but all of us senior are on our fourth year here, and if you just wait your turn, you’ll understand why we do the things we do. For example you will understand why the seniors get so mad and feel like “the system” is working against us every time we aren’t dismissed first, to or from assemblies.


Lastly, just a heads up, we will be loud and annoying and irritating until the day we graduate on May 21st, 2016. Everyone says high school goes by in a blink of an eye, but if you want my honest opinion, it never ends!


P.S please don’t stop and stand in the middle of the hall


P.P.S have fun!!

Bailey Lanman <3