Blue Moons, Bionic Eyes and Bigfoot Impersonators

Heard anything about Bigfoot impersonators lately? Nowadays, a lot of interesting stories are slipping through the cracks. Here are some that I found amusing that you might not have heard yet. Since I didn’t write anything last week, I decided to introduce events from the past two weeks:

1. August 23–After getting bitten by a cobra, a Nepalese man retaliated by biting it back and killing it. (Reminds me of a certain country… cough Soviet Russia cough.)

3. August 28–In Cape Town, Africa, a cure for malaria may have been found. With the cure, over a million lives can be saved per year according to National Geographic.

4. August 28–A Bigfoot impersonator was killed by a 15-year-old girl. Not something you hear every day.

5. August 23– Well, the picture explains it all:

The painting has been immortalized as an internet meme and the fresco has more fans than ever before.

6. August 30–The first bionic eye gives a blind woman partial sight. (Which, by the way, is totally awesome.)

2. August 31–There was a blue moon! (Sadly, it’s not really blue.) We won’t get to see the event again until July 2015, so you’ll just have to look at pictures until then:

7. A couple weeks ago, Nikola Tesla’s old laboratory went up for sale. However, instead of letting it fall into any corporation’s hands, Friends of Science East tried (as it has been for the last 16 years) to raise enough funds to purchase the land and build a museum on top of it. This time, with the help of the artist of The Oatmeal webcomic, they were able to raise a million dollars within nine days. (You know what that means, right? TESLA MUSEUM. AWWWW YEAH.)

From the Wall Street Journal:

From The Oatmeal:

And while we’re at it, here is why Tesla is so freaking amazing:

8. To finish off, I’m pretty sure this guy wins the award for best (or worst) brother: