KPOP Club: Bonding Through Music


Jonah Lei '25

Jonah Lei ‘25 and Tina Nguyen ‘26 having a fun interview.

Just a few months ago, Tina Nguyen ‘26 added the KPOP Club to SHC’s list of student organizations. The Emerald interviewed Tina, the club’s leader and founder, to learn more about the club, as well as spotlight a unique, niche community.

Emerald: When did you start listening to KPOP, and why were you drawn to it so much?

Tina: In 2020, I became aware of KPOP when I went into my cousin’s room, and she played music videos for my other cousins and me to watch. The first KPOP music video I watched was “Just Right” by Got7. After I started listening to KPOP, I suddenly remembered [I had seen] one of BTS’s music videos called “Dope” and started learning the members’ names.  BTS was the first group I stanned [supported]. I then got into Enhypen, which led me to TXT, which led me to the whole HYBE family, and then, I learned that my friend stanned Twice. That led me to the whole JYP family and then YG because of Blackpink. In short, I went down a rabbit hole.

Emerald: Wow, what a story! What made you want to start a KPOP club at SHC?

Tina: I wanted to join a KPOP club since I liked KPOP, but since SHC didn’t have one, I made my own! I started by creating an Instagram account with the original name “shcp_kpop_club_tbd,” (currently 

Emerald: During a typical meeting, what do club members do? 

Tina: We do fun activities like the mallet game, “muk jji ppa,” which is the Korean version of rock-paper-scissors but with a toy mallet. We also do “KPOP-ordy,”which is jeopardy and KPOP combined, eat snacks, watch KPOP music videos, and more!.

Emerald: What is your favorite part of KPOP club?

Tina: My favorite part is when we watch music videos. It’s fun because the members get to decide what to play and it ends up with everyone singing, dancing, and vibing along.

Emerald: Are there any improvements you want to make to the club?

Tina: Yes, we have a decent amount of people but more members would be great.

Emerald: Do you have favorite KPOP groups, and why do you like them?

Tina: I like Ateez because they are loud, powerful, and amazing. BTS is humble, talented, and iconic. I also like Eric Nam who’s a comedian, soon-to-be actor, very talented singer, and host, all in one. I have liked Enhypen ever since I watched I-Land, an idol-making competition show, and they had gone through so much. Seventeen is chaotic… Well to be honest, every group and artist I like is chaotic and obviously talented too. Stray Kids was also in a competition show, and I like them because they have such good energy. (G)-idle is iconic, and their songs are very empowering. I have a lot more, but I’ll just stop here.

Emerald: That was definitely the right question to ask! Thanks for your time!

KPOP has been able to draw a large fan base because, with its plethora of sub-genres, it truly has something for everyone. The Emerald highly recommends checking out the club and delving into everything KPOP has to offer!