An Interview With Mr. Rance


Veronica Panina '26

Mr. Rance smiling for a picture after his interview.

Mr. Christon Rance ‘96 is an English and Social Studies teacher as well as a Varsity Football Coach. This is his first year teaching at SHC. He is very excited to be an active member of the SHC community again. Veronica Panina ‘26 recently interviewed Mr. Rance about his story and time at SHC:

Veronica Panina: Can you tell me about yourself?

Mr. Rance: I was born and raised here, in San Francisco, I am an alumnus of Sacred Heart Cathedral. I graduated in 1996. After I graduated, I attended Arizona State University, where I earned a degree in communication and business. I also played football at Arizona State University. After that, I worked, I had jobs in sales. I also coached. Over time, I decided I wanted to get back into mentoring and teaching. That’s why I decided to become a teacher about three years ago. Prior to this, I was teaching in a middle school. 

V: Which middle school?

R: Roosevelt Middle School.

V: What made you want to come back to SHC?

R: I think it was just the family and the community atmosphere here. It feels like home whenever I come through those gates. And I really enjoy the people that I work with. The students are really eager to learn and want to do well and that’s something that is really nice to be around. 

V: What are you most excited for this year?

R: I’m most excited to see how the students progress. I am curious to see and am really interested to see how my students grow and excel and succeed under my guidance. 

V: What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

R: [Chuckles] I like cookies and cream.

V: What is your favorite outdoor activity?

R: I like walking my dog in the park, Golden Gate Park.

V: What is your favorite thing about teaching?

R: I enjoy seeing, once again, the students progressing. I really just enjoy working with young people and being able to just help them out in whatever they’re trying to do with their lives later on, helping young people become quality people in our society.

V: What was your favorite subject or teacher here at SHC?

R: I would say English was my favorite class. I can’t remember my teacher’s name though.

Mr. Rance is and will continue to be an amazing member of the SHC family. We all cannot wait to see how his influence will positively impact all of us.