Top 5 Things To Do Before You Graduate

Gina Campanelli ’14- Staff Writer- September 18, 2013

        For all the seniors out there (myself included), it may seem like eons before we make that monumental slow walk down the aisle in St. Mary’s. Fear not! There are still a plethora of things to do around SHC to make the time pass more quickly and relieve some college-app stress. For all the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, these activities will make you seem like a cultured SHC pro.

1. Go to Philz

        If you have yet to visit the temple of caffeinated goodness located just a block down Van Ness, you have definitely been missing out. Their coffee has gotten me through many a listless green day. Make sure to order the most exotic sounding thing on the menu and watch closely as the barista brews a cup of java-y goodness. Also, order something from the food display case. The treats may look odd, but I assure you they are absolutely delicious. Remember, however, that too much caffeine can wreak havoc on your system. No one wants to be jittery and haywire during first block only to crash during third. Check out some of Philz decaf options; they taste just as good (if not better) than their caffeinated cousins without the harmful effects. One last tip: if you’re feeling a cold coming on, try the Yerba Matte with honey. It never fails to head off those autumn chills.

2. Shout your head off at a football game

        Yes, it sounds tacky and utterly cliché, but trust me, losing yourself in some good old-fashioned school spirit is wonderfully cleansing and stress-relieving. Grab some spirit beads, deck yourself out in some SHC memorabilia,  and get ready to cheer. Even if we are (god forbid) losing, act like the Irish are winning 40-0. Not only will this psyche out the other school, but it will also divert some good vibes to our hardworking players. In addition, don’t forget to shoot a little love towards the band. They honestly do not want to be there marching in those uniforms and a little positive reinforcement goes a long way. Now, you’ll also get Irish points for every game you attend, which can be redeemed for modified dress and off-campus lunch passes.

3. Join a club you know nothing about

        I know, it’s another film-esque suggestion. Hear me out, though; putting yourself out there can truly help you find an unexpected niche in the SHC community. Never played a sport? Try Intramurals or Ping Pong club. Tone deaf? How about guitar club or chorus? Move out of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself. High school is the easiest place to try new activities and feel out budding interests; make use of it! Chances are you will make some new friends and get to know some of the under/upper-classmen.

4. Pull an all-nighter

        I know any teachers reading this may cringe at the thought, but learning how to successfully pull an all-nighter is a semi-useful skill that will definitely come in handy during your college years. It may seem like a silly idea, but, if you’re pulling one with friends, it actually serves as a fun bonding activity. Also, nothing is more beautiful than seeing the stars fade away as the sun peeks over the horizon. Now, before you begin chugging those Red Bulls, take a tip from a seasoned all-nighter pro: stay away from coffee and energy drinks! They will make you jittery and cause a huge crash midway through the night. Instead, eat protein rich foods, like cheese or nuts, as they will keep your energy up.

5. Clean up your social media

        Seniors, this is probably the most important tidbit of advice you will receive before the college applications process. In this day and age of technological superiority, even college admissions officers have gotten savvy with a keyboard. Best to remove those St. Patrick’s Day pictures and offensive tweets before your dream college finds them first. Honestly, this will also serve you in the long run, as no one wants to hire someone with a bad online reputation.

        Faithful reader, I sincerely hope you take the above tips to heart. High school passes by more quickly than you would think, and it is best to take advantage of its many unique qualities before your time comes to an end.