Sophomores Ava Macnamara and Ella Taclas enjoy lunch. (Amelia Dineen '22)
Sophomores Ava Macnamara and Ella Taclas enjoy lunch.

Amelia Dineen '22

SHC’s First In-Person Sophomore Retreat Since 2020

March 10, 2022

The first sophomore retreat this year took place on February 17th. A third of the sophomore class gathered at the Cathedral from 9:30-2:30 to explore themes of coming of age. Seniors in Ms. Rinaldi’s classes lead the retreat by leading small groups of 6-7 sophomores in ice breakers, conversations, and more. Seniors Sasha Hopewell, Silas Bahlibi, Andrea Rodriguez, Katrina Foti, Matthew Lofberg, and Mimi Dineen bravely shared their coming of age stories with the sophomores and faculty. The retreat was a success, especially because it was in person. Here are some pictures captured by seniors.

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