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An argument (publicdomainvectors)

An argument (publicdomainvectors)

Do you ever get a little too passionate when debating something as silly as dogs vs. cats? A debatable theory about one or more topics that have multiple subjective perspectives is called a controversial topic. There are many controversial topics that are discussed among people today, ranging from funny, lighthearted topics to more serious, introspective ones that can form undeniably intense arguments. People can agree, disagree, and even create a newfound compromise for any controversial topic. The debate between two random topics can be exhilarating, especially if the people are really immersed in the discussion. We have asked SHC students for their thoughtful responses to the questions below. Listening to other students’ opinions really got us thinking and brought in new ideas that we would not have even thought about otherwise! 

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Can horoscopes actually help tell your future?

“There is no point to base them off relationships [since you] also can’t judge someone from [their] horoscope.. [For example], cancer being stereotyped as emotional [is] not correct.” – Maggie Clare ‘24

“I’d say no, [they can’t tell your future,] because horoscopes are only predictions. Although there can be some aspects that can be true, there’s no way it can accurately describe every person.”  Samantha Gee ‘23

“Not really, I think you can’t really tell by the time or day that they were born.” – Fiona Dunn ‘26 

Is watching a film at home better than watching it at the movie theater?

“[I believe watching movies] at home is better [because you can] relax on a couch and don’t need to be [in] a room full of strangers and worry [about] people distracting you and talking.” – Nicholas Lew ‘24

“[Watching] a new movie in a theater [is better], but just for fun, then [I would watch it] at home. Theaters can be expensive, but have yummy snacks. [However,] in your own home, it’s [more] comfortable [and] you can go in your pajamas and in your bed.” – Gabriela Vasquez ‘25

“Yes, because you’re watching something in the comfort of your own home.” – Ronin Innes ‘26

Which one goes first: the milk or the cereal?

“Cereal goes in first. If you put in the milk first then it messes up your milk to cereal ratio. It’s just weird. I’m so used to putting it in first [since] it’s a habit [and] in my head, [pouring the milk first] just isn’t [as] good.” – Mika Ichinose ‘25

“The cereal [goes in first] obviously. Why would you put milk first?! Bruh, people who pour the milk first are menaces. It’s an obvious choice.” – Jaden Yoon 26’ 

Should pineapple go on pizza?

“Yes, but it’s subjective…[The pizza] could honestly need sweetness [to] complement the savor[iness].” – Ethan Maxion ‘24

“I love it! It’s good [because] savory and sweet are what end up as the best flavor combinations. [For example], people like cinnamon pretzels… the pretzel is savory and salty and the cinnamon [and sugar combo] is sweet… It’s just a [classically] good taste.” – Reina Yee ‘25

“I don’t think [pineapple should go on pizza] because pizza should be something salty and savory. [Also], I have tried it before and I did not like it.” – Dylan Yee ‘26 

Are movies better than books?

“I feel like books are usually better than the movies… For example, in Harry Potter, in the books, the events are in much more detail. The way you imagine it, movies can’t really get that feeling. The movies are a lot toned down. Even though movies are still awesome, I feel like the books are just more of a favorite of mine.” – Faith Pan ‘25

“Books are better because I like the feeling of starting a book and not being able to stop reading it until I get to the end. It just has a different vibe than [watching] movies. Alivia Zhao ‘23

Is artificial intelligence going to increase our quality of life? Or is it more dangerous than beneficial?

“AI programs would increase our quality of life. [For example], we see [technology] making our lives easier [and making work less tedious].” – Nicholas Lew ‘24

“When used for art purposes, it can be fun… but it shouldn’t be regarded [to] the same standard as something someone [manually] created. I feel like when it’s used for things like that, it isn’t as genuine, but for other things it can definitely be helpful. There’s such a wide range of things AI can be used for [such as] facial recognition, detecting potentially dangerous people, finding criminals in public locations, but it’s also dangerous because it’s not perfected yet and has many flaws, especially when implemented in serious situations. We shouldn’t rely on it and, [while it is] helpful, it also takes away many opportunities, especially [when referring to jobs] and in our evolving world.” – Eva Alba ‘25

Is organic food worth the extra money? 

“Yes, not getting pesticide spray and helping your own body #loveTraderJoe’s.” – Maggie Clare ‘24

“Personally, I don’t think it’s worth the extra money because I honestly don’t really like it. I don’t mind people saying [that they like organic food], but I don’t like that they make it their personality or force it on others. [Also,] where are you going to find organic food that is actually a good alternative, like a cupcake or cotton candy? Taste is [important] for me. I get that people want us to eat [healthy] food, but then why is it more expensive than regular food? I think that it shouldn’t cost more than regular food.” – Sam Wai ‘25

“Organic food is worth the money because it is healthier for us and the environment. It has a higher nutrition content and either fewer, or no, GMOs, hormones, pesticides, and preservatives.” Ashley Quan ‘23

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Should all families have a pet? If so, are dogs better pets than cats?

“I think that younger kids, especially, should be around more animals. If [some people] are sheltered away from animals, they tend to be more scared of [them]. [Owning a pet is also] a fun experience [and] I think it kind of teaches you about responsibility. [For example,] if you don’t take your dog [outside for] a walk, it’s going to pee all over the floor. [Also, I think that] dogs are better than cats. My whole family is allergic to cats, [and even if we did get a] hypoallergenic cat, [they] look kind of scary. My whole family had dogs growing up [so] we’re all comfortable with it. Dogs are cute and they also keep me company.” – Mika Ichinose ‘25

“You don’t need a pet, but it’s definitely a plus. I’d rather have a dog because they seem friendlier and [I feel like they’ll] always be there for you before they die.” – Matthew Fajardo ‘26 

“No, some people are allergic [to animals]. Second of all, not everyone has time for pets and if you don’t have time to provide for a pet, then you shouldn’t get one.” – Olivia Sung ‘23

Do you agree or disagree with some of these opinions? You don’t necessarily need to agree with someone’s opinion, but you should try to hear them out! These are only a small sample of SHC students’ opinions, so be sure to let us know your own positions! What other weird or funny controversial topics should be given more attention in our SHC community?