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Sacred Heart Cathedral's student-run newspaper. We've got issues.

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“The Perfect Marriage of the Real World and Philosophy:” An Interview with Physics Teacher, Ms. Benham.

Ilana Avrutin ’27
Ms. Benham smiling for a post-interview picture.

*edits have been made for clarity*

The Emerald interviewed Ms. Benham, SHC’s new physics teacher. Ms. Benham is a great addition to SHC and enjoys sharing her passion for science and physics with her students. Keep reading to learn about her life before SHC, why she came, and more!

Tell us about yourself: Where are you from? Where did you go to school?

I’m from Oakland, right across the bridge. I went to school in Oakland my whole life, and then I went to a little liberal arts college called St. John’s College in Maryland, which is something called a great “book” school. Instead of taking regular classes, every class is discussion-based, and you have to read original texts. So, you learn Greek and French, and you take Euclid for geometry. It was a really great experience. For my graduate degree, I went to NYU, where I did Russian Studies with a focus on Dostoevsky because I’m into Russian literature.

What made you come to SHC?

I’ve been teaching science and physics for many years now. I talked with Mr. Robertson, the robotics teacher, who thought I would like it here. I interviewed, got the job, and I love it. 

How has your first semester at SHC been so far? Have you had any memorable experiences or enjoyed any SHC traditions?

My first semester has been great. Everyone is so nice. The kids are great, the adults are great, and everything is great. Some of my favorite moments were definitely the rallies. I think they are so much fun. It’s really fun to see you guys have so much fun together. I really loved going to the football game. I only got to go to one football game, but it’s so much fun to go and watch it. I loved the staff versus student volleyball game. I also really enjoyed being able to join in with the Senior Seminar.

Has teaching physics always been what you wanted to pursue?

No, I didn’t even think I was going to be a teacher, so the fact that I am a teacher is a surprise to me. But physics is really great. Now that I’m here, I love it. It’s, to me, a perfect marriage of the real world and philosophy. So, even though it wasn’t my original goal, I’m happy that I’m here. 

Do you have any advice for SHC students?

Do not get too stressed and discouraged. Even if it feels like you’re not going to be able to do it because there are so many other things going on and it’s always stressful, you are. Just don’t give up. Keep trying. 

Ms. Benham is and will continue to be a wonderful member of the school community. Let’s give her a warm welcome to SHC this year!

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Ilana Avrutin ’27
Ilana Avrutin ’27, Copy Editor
Ilana is very excited to be a part of the Emerald team in her sophomore year. In addition to the Emerald, she plays the violin in orchestra and is a part of Lasallian Vincentian Youth at SHC. She also enjoys cooking, reading, and listening to music in her free time.

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