DePaul Scholars: The Senior Send-Off


Kate Cassidy

Mr. Hren welcomes the DePaul Scholars and their families to the Recognition Ceremony.

It’s that time of year again! Seniors are about to graduate after four rewarding years at SHC. Whether as a club member, athlete, or performer, our current seniors have set a valuable example for the classes below them. The Emerald takes a look at one group of these talented seniors, the DePaul Scholars, and their special end-of-year celebration. 

On Thursday, April 27th, DePaul Scholars of all grades and their families gathered in the theater for the annual Senior Recognition Ceremony, a night highlighting the remarkable achievements of the Class of 2023 scholars while providing an opportunity for these students to reflect upon their high school experiences. 

Seniors Riley Dickman and Elizabeth Nelson presented their Senior Seminar January Projects about banned books and the musical theatre audition process, respectively, to give attendees just a taste of the academic excellence that the Class of 2023 has accomplished in their four years at SHC. Following those presentations, the remainder of the night focused on the connections formed by the seniors. Each scholar was introduced to the audience with short anecdotes by another member of their class. For example, Gavin Bermudez ‘23 introduced Elizabeth Nelson ‘23, who he has attended school with since elementary school. Their coincidental tradition of being at the same school will continue in the fall, as both students will spend the next four years studying at NYU. Scarlett Goh ‘23 noted that this part of the event “was an incredible forum for us to get on stage and talk about our fellow scholar’s incredible academic achievements along with compassionate characters.” These introductions not only showed the deep impact the DPS program had on these seniors, but also the friendships and connections they formed and will hopefully retain while attending various colleges across the globe. 

The DePaul Scholars Class of 2023 on the stage after the ceremony. (Jennifer Nelson)

However, this event was not just for seniors. Younger scholars were invited to celebrate the DPS class of 2023 and had the opportunity to learn from the camaraderie of the older class. Conor Hansbury ‘24 found that despite not knowing many seniors personally, “the way they described their classmates was touching. The community they’ve fostered over the last four years has inspired me to make stronger connections with my DPS classmates.” Likewise, Sam Meraw ‘25 viewed the send-off as inspiringto see how I will be in that position someday soon.”

Incoming freshmen also attended with their families, and in a heartwarming moment, the outgoing class escorted them to the stage to be recognized as the future of the DePaul Scholar Program. This connection of the incoming to outgoing class, though only momentary, represents the purpose of the DPS program: fostering community beyond the classroom. The DPS Class of 2023 have definitely demonstrated this pillar of the program, and their celebration was a great opportunity to reflect on the culmination of their years at SHC. 

The DPS Recognition Ceremony celebrates only a small facet of the SHC senior experience. The Emerald hopes that the Class of 2023 will continue to achieve their goals in college and beyond. Make sure to support the seniors at graduation, or offer your congratulations if you see them in the halls!