The SHC Yearbook Needs YOU!


SHC Yearbook Staff

Past editions of the SHC yearbook. The 2020-2021 edition is sure to be very different.

The Emerald is publishing this message as a courtesy to the SHC Yearbook staff.

As we’re sure you are aware, this year is not normal, and everyone has had to shift their lives in one way or another. Unfortunately for the yearbook team, no school means no pictures, and no pictures means no yearbook. This is where your help comes in! We have redesigned the entire layout of the yearbook to be in chronological order, as themes are subject to change as the school year moves forward.

The yearbook’s content is up to you, the SHC student body. We need all sorts of photo and content submissions to fill the pages that will represent a whole year of memories. The pictures have a small set of guidelines which include:

  • Individuals in photos must have masks on if they are pictured with other classmates (if you are with family no mask is required)
  • No hand gestures

But most importantly… we need YOU! We are looking for pictures of you as the Sacred Heart Cathedral community. We need pictures of you with your friends, you and your family, you with your pets, you working out, you doing work, etc. The key term in that sentence is YOU. Without you all there is no yearbook. 

This year is an opportunity for you to put what you want in the yearbook. Let’s all work together to complete a historical documentation of this 2020-21 school year. Visit our link tree at to submit photos and answer surveys & polls to be featured in the yearbook.