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Hi! My name is Kali Hoang. My interests are in music, books, and shows. I enjoy singing and am in the SHC Choir; I also love the stage which is why I am in tech which is the backstage aspect at SHC. I like to listen to music which I often do, while doing homework which helps me to focus because it's relaxing to me. I like hanging out with my friends, talking, watching things on youtube, and reading. I love hanging out with my family and my dog, Skye (he's pretty cute). I like to watch movies, create things, and try new things! I am apart of the SHC News Paper this year as well because I love to write and create. Writing is a great outlet for me and is something that I really enjoy. Reading and making something my own by writing about it or creating something is really fun and special. I am very open minded and ready for whatever comes my way!

Kali Hoang, Editor-in-Chief-- Tech

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Kali Hoang