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The Emerald

2019-2020 Staff

Amy La ’20


Hey everyone! My name is Amy La, and I’ll be this year’s Editor-in-Chief. Besides the SHC Emerald, I’m involved in other school activities such as golf and Speech and Debate. During my free time, I enjoy writing, reading,...

Eric Coestad ’21

Editor-in-Chief -- Social Media

This school year, Eric is proud to have the opportunity to advance The Emerald's storied history as Editor-in-Chief for social media. He is also in charge of organizing the schedule, posting updates on Schoology, and managing...

Kali Hoang ’20

Editor-in-Chief-- Tech

Hi! My name is Kali Hoang. My interests are in music, books, and shows. I enjoy singing and am in the SHC Choir; I also love the stage which is why I am in tech which is the backstage aspect at SHC. I like to listen to music which...

Natalie Leong ’20

Editor-in-Chief-- Tech

Hello everyone! My name is Natalie, and I am a Senior here at SHC. I started participating in the Emerald since Freshmen year as a staff writer, and this year, I'm so glad that I'm contributing more to the newspaper by serving ...

Adrienne La ’22

Publicity Editor

Sofia Fighera ’21

Publicity Editor

Eleda West ’21

Publicity Editor

Stephen Ira ’21

Opinion Editor

Safia Jaleel ’21

Copy Editor

Safia enjoys fantasy novels, scuba diving, and all types of movies. Along with being a copy editor for The Emerald, she serves as the President of the nonprofit Ahead of the Game and student representative for the Student Launch I...

Margot Mitchell ’21

Copy Editor

Along with serving as a copy editor for The Emerald, Margot plays on the varsity lacrosse team here at SHC and is a member of the Student Launch Initiative. Her mission is to increase student awareness about what's going on at SH...

Benjamin Cervantez ’21

Sports Editor

Along with serving as a Sports Editor for The Emerald, Ben plays on the varsity baseball and football teams. He also serves as the student representative for the Student Launch Initiative and Executive Director of the SHC base...

Ava Brasch ’21

Sports Editor

Abigail McIntire ’20

SHC News Editor

Jonah Nelson ’22

Current Events Editor

Mimi Dineen ’22


This is Mimi's first year participating in the Emerald as a writer. Other than The Emerald, Mimi is part of SHC choir, tennis, and [email protected] In her spare time, she enjoys listening to and playing music, going on hikes, a...

Margot Hart ’22


Margot Hart joined the Emerald this year as a writer. Along with being a member of The Emerald, she plays tennis, sings in SHC's concert choir, and is a member of the Student Launch Initiative. In her free time, Margot likes to...

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