Walkathon 2018

The Walkathon is an annual fundraising event led by SHC students and Faculty. This year’s Walkathon was focused on the unique theme of San Francisco Neighborhoods. In anticipation of this event, students worked hard to raise money because they were motivated and inspired by the spirited Walkathon rally, the new walkathon trophy, fun videos, homerooms, and other incentives such as donuts and t-shirts. It is safe to say that students were very prepared for this year’s Walkathon.

The seniors get the walkathon started with their banner designed by the student council; Photo Credit: Kali Hoang
SHC’s new President Melinda Skrade dressed for a foggy San Fransico morning and ready to cheer on the students; Photo Credit: Kali Hoang

On September 14th, 2018, the 29th Annual Walkathon commenced with a prayer led by Katie McFadden‘ 19 about faith, serving to remind SHC students about their roots in their faith and trust in God. It was followed by a patriotic and moving performance of our national anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner” by our very own Nikki Shaw’19. The Spirit Commissioners, Frank Woods ‘20 and Melinda Flyash’19, then introduced our traditional Walkathon game, Finish the Lyrics, to enhance the school spirit! The seniors beat the freshmen in the first round, and the juniors won in the second round against the sophomores. However, the seniors ultimately defeated the juniors and continued their winning streak in the final round against the faculty, Mr. Mario Sazo Jr. and SHC’s new president, “The Doctor!”


Top student fundraisers were also recognized for their applaudable efforts, including Freshman Caroline Sweeters, Sophomore Victoria Kelly, Junior Sacchi Underwood and Senior Kris Tom. The overall top fundraiser was Leah Grace from the senior class. A whopping $213,000 dollars was raised to the delight of students, thus allowing them to enjoy a day off in the spring!

The VPA department cheers on the students in comfort at the corner of VPA and Awesome; Photo Credit: Kali Hoang

With this in mind, spirits were soaring as the students began their stroll through the Marina, Sunset, Mission, and North beach districts. Teachers vigorously cheered the students on as Ms. Rinaldi further bolstered spirits with a cheer chanting “We are proud of you!” SHC’s new president, “The Doctor,” was also seen to be smiling and waving very enthusiastically! The VPA department, including Mr. Mahoney, Ms. Smith, Mr. Morris, and Ms. Wexler, sported some incredible custom-made furniture, signs, and speakers to animate and enliven the surroundings. Representing a strong school spirit, senior Luka Hettenkofer became the first person to finish the walk!

The Walkathon was followed by lunch where student favorites (burgers, cookies and chips) were provided! Many students loved the lunch, praising that the quality of food had improved immensely. The burgers were very delicious this year and very accommodating as there were many options including hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and veggie burgers. The numerous improvements made the students extremely happy and elevated the community’s morale overall!

In nearly three decades, the SHC walkathon has raised close to $3.5 million thanks to the incredible efforts and sense of devotion of the SHC community. These student-earned dollars fund vital programs and resources, including the science classrooms, library, travel grants, and scholarships. Not only does it benefit SHC financially, but it connects the community and gives students the chance to have a day of enjoyment and celebrate their love of SHC.

This year’s amazing Walkathon can be attributed to Ms. Aloise who, with the help of the Youth in Philanthropy students, organized such a spectacular event. Ms. Aloise applauded the community, saying, “The Walkathon is a spectacular tradition at SHC. A fundraiser that connects an entire community for one cause. Where else in SF can you say students raised $200,000 for their school! Thank you SHC!”

Walkathon season officially ended on Wednesday, September 19th, rounding out a phenomenal edition of one of SHC’s exciting community celebrations. On behalf of our community, we thank all faculty, staff, students, and donors for helping to make this successful Walkathon so special and heart-warming! The SHC community cannot wait to celebrate it again next year!

To kick off their walk, the juniors break through their banner; Photo Credit: Kali Hoang