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The Emerald

How to Help the Environment in 4 Steps!

   SHC Students taking action to save the environment!
      Credit: Mr. Le

Ava Brasch '21, Sports Editor

March 26, 2020

Though you likely do not hold the power and ability to single-handedly stop global warming as a highschooler, every effort makes a difference and there are many easy, simple acts you can do to take action. Thrifting! Thrifting is an easy and affordable way to help the environment as a highschooler. ...

From Good to Bad to Worse — Catastrophic Algae in The Great Lakes

Lake Erie (west side)

Jonah Nelson '22

October 14, 2018

The five Great Lakes on the border of Michigan and Canada are one of the world’s largest ecosystems and the second-largest fresh-water supply. These bodies of water are currently threatened due to more than two centuries of exposure to dangers caused by human activity. As the areas around the water ...

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