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Quiet, but Not Unheard: Racism Against Asians

I Am Not a Virus

Amy La '20, Editor-in-Chief

May 23, 2020

Amidst the crisis of COVID-19, there has been an increase in discrimination towards East Asian minorities. Plastered across many television screens, as well as social media sites such as Instagram, news of physically and emotionally tormented Asian people continues to circulate during this pandemic. At a time...

Graduating during SIP – Class of 2020

Graduating during SIP - Class of 2020

May 21, 2020

With the help of the English department, the Emerald asked the Class of 2020 for a few words of wisdom and reflection. Here is what they had to say about clearing out their lockers, saying goodbye to high school, and graduating in this strange, historic time.  "Although this school year didn’t pan out the way...

Distance Learning: the Good, the Bad, and the Boring

SHC student doodling away her boredom during SIP

Atessa Anoshiravani '23

May 15, 2020

Since elementary school, most of us haven’t had much time to be bored. Homework, clubs, commutes, sports, friends, and family took up our days, and technology usually snuffed out the remaining free time. But being stuck at home has eliminated the commitments of clubs and sports, and people can no l...


Collected by the Emerald Team; Credits to Rightful Owners

May 11, 2020

Congratulations to the Dobson Family for winning the best meme sent in for the second round! Send the best laugh forward, we mail you a special reward!    As the Dobson family shows us their volleyball skills during quarantine, share with us what you’ve been cooking up! Let’s check out t...

How SHC Stays Active at Home

Students and faculty share how they are staying active indoors. 
Upper left: Mr. Hren posts his morning stretching and exercise routine. Upper right: Margot Hart ‘22 goes on a hike with her dogs. Lower left: Sydney Scott, ‘22, does Zumba with her sister, incoming freshman Elliot Scott ‘24. Lower right: Ruby Southard, ‘22, follows a Chloe Ting YouTube workout video.

Margot Hart '22

May 6, 2020

As we near the end of our second month of sheltering in place, The Emerald  has asked students and faculty to reflect on their lives in quarantine. We conducted a general poll of the SHC student body, in addition to contacting many teachers, coaches, and student-athletes about how they exercise at ...

How Are SHC Students Coping With Quarantine?

Photo Credit: The Emerald

Natalie Leong '20

May 4, 2020

During the COVID-19 induced shelter in place, a survey was conducted by The Emerald from April 9 to April 21. There were a total of 298 participants, with approximately an equal number of students from each grade (freshmen: 29.5%, sophomores: 26.4%, juniors: 25.9%, seniors: 18.1%).  From the surv...

The Stolen Semester

Seniors find time to have fun and stay studious in the era of mass quarantine; Photo Credit: Ben Rose '20

Ben Rose ‘20

April 29, 2020

“I just wanted a senior year.” Every time I talk to my friends through Discord, Facetime or Instagram, this phrase inevitably makes an appearance. Seniors are bummed. According to Dr. Cannon, we’re an “exceptional class,” so much so that he hasn’t had to threaten to take away our senior privile...

SHC vs COVID-19: The Fight for the 2020 Bruce Mahoney

Photo Credit: SHC Athletic Department

Benjamin Cervantez '21 and Ava Brasch '21

April 13, 2020

Ava Brasch ‘21 & Benjamin Cervantez ‘21, Emerald Sports Editors, co-wrote this article.  As many know, over the past few months, an infectious and life-threatening disease known as COVID-19, or the Coronavirus, has rapidly diffused throughout the World. Though COVID-19 primarily targets ...

Quarantine from the Faculty Perspective: An Interview with Ms. Tapia

Photo Credit: Ms. Tapia, distance learning featuring Axel Bautista ‘21

Amy La '20, Editor-in-Chief

April 5, 2020

As the quarantine continues to extend, many students express discontent and hopelessness. It is not uncommon to hear “This isn’t fair,” or “Why is this happening to us?” in the voices among students. Given the time of social distancing and distress, it is no surprise to find students conce...

School Life in Times of Quarantine

Photo Credit: Safia Jaleel '21

Safia Jaleel '21, Copy Editor

April 2, 2020

School Life in Times of Quarantine is the first of an ongoing series of articles that will explore how the coronavirus and distance learning have impacted our SHC school community. The novel coronavirus has swept our student body into a highly unprecedented lifestyle. Many underestimated the severity of...

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