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49ers Taking S.F by Storm

The 49ers are 13-3 in the 2011 season.

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Ahh! Do you smell that?  Besides leftover turkey and disappointment, that, my reader, is the smell of excitement and astonishment in the air. Although I am kind of bummed out because of their recent  loss against the Ravens, I think, “Hey, it’s just like sibling rivalry!”  Now I may not be a major sport nut, but I can tell when people are happy to see their home town team take them by surprise. The 49ers haven’t had this great of a record since 1998. Honestly though, I think they never should have lost to the Dallas Cowboys. Anyways, surely you’ve been reading the headlines, what with the recent string of wins achieved by our beloved San Francisco 49ers. Is it because of their new head coach, Jim Harbaugh?  And you best not forget the players of the 49ers. With guys like Alex Smith, Frank Gore, and Patrick Willis, how could we lose? A lot of other players look at Willis as a great linebacker; maybe even as the greatest linebacker of the century. That’s really saying something. Even twelve-time pro-bowler Ray Lewis sees this as a worthy success for Willis to take the title as the greatest linebacker ever. If running back Frank Gore continues to play as well as he has been playing, he could be on track to his best season since 2006. Then look at Alex Smith.  He is such an accurate passer with 186 completions for 298 attempts for 2116 yards, total. Also, don’t ever count out rookies, like the new guy Aldon Smith. Even as a rookie, he should not be underestimated. During his game against the Eagles, Smith landed his first sack against their quarterback, Michael Vick. He even became the first 49ers player since Patrick Willis to win National League Rookie of the Month. You also have to give a big hand to the 49ers offensive line. They really try their best to stop the opposing team from sacking their quarterback, so you have to give them some respect.

The head coach, Jim Harbaugh, knows how to handle his team well because he has been on the field himself as a coach and a player. He recently coached at Stanford University for four years and the University of San Diego for three.  He was a quarterback in high school, in college, and in the NFL. He was once the quarterback for the Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens, and the San Diego Chargers. Because of his on-field experience, he knows how to control the flow of the game. The only thing better than a head coach who has had recent success with a team is when that coach has also professionally played the game.  Harbaugh may ultimately be able to take the 49ers to the Superbowl to hopefully beat last year’s champions, the Green Bay Packers. To all of you San Francisco fans, I hope you are all as excited as I am for the 49ers and their continued success.

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49ers Taking S.F by Storm